Tuesday, August 01, 2006

You Create Your Own Reality

Of all the thousands of pages of dictated material from the entity known as Seth, nothing is more central to his message than this powerful, yet simple statement:

“You make your own reality. There is no other rule. Knowing this is the secret of creativity.”

Over and over again, Seth repeats this message throughout his works. By fully understanding this profound idea we will realize the awesome potential that is within each of us. Seth tells us that we create our own reality and our own environment quite literally. That is our primary purpose in having a physical experience -- to learn how to create reality in responsible and fulfilling ways.

“There is no effect in the exterior world that does not spring from and inner source. there is not motion that does not first occur within the mind.”

“There is nothing in your exterior experience that did not originate within you. Interactions with others do occur, of course, yet there are none that you do not accept or draw to you by your thoughts, attitudes or emotions. In the most miraculous fashion are you given the gift of creating your experience. In this experience you are learning to handle the inexhaustible energy that is available to you.”

“You are learning to be cocreators. You are learning to be gods as you now understand the term. You are learning responsibility – the responsibility of any individualized consciousness. You are learning to handle the energy that is yourself, for creative purposes.”

“You are in physical existence to learn and understand that your energy, translated into feelings, thoughts and emotions causes all experience. There are no exceptions.
Once you understand this you have only to learn to examine the nature of beliefs, for these will automatically cause you to feel and think in certain fashions.”

“Consciousness is in a state of becoming. It is learning the art of actualization. It has within it infinite sources of creativity, unlimited possibilities of development. But it has yet to learn the means of actualization and must find within itself ways to bring into existence those untold creations that are within it.”

“By the very nature of consciousness, it seeks to materialize itself in as many dimensions as possible – to create from itself new levels of awareness, new offshoots. In doing so it creates all reality. Reality, therefore, is always in a state becoming.”

“Man has been endowed, and endowed himself, with a conscious mind to direct the nature, shape and form of his creations. All deep aspirations and unconscious motivations, all unspoken drives, rise up for the approval or disapproval of the conscious mind, and await its direction.”

“The soul or entity is the most highly motivated, most highly energized, and most potent consciousness-unit known in any universe. It is energy concentrated to a degree quite unbelievable to you. It contains potentials unlimited, but it must work out its own identity and form its own worlds.”

“You Make Your Own Reality – Wherever You Travel, and in Whichever Dimension You Find Yourself.”

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Essential Message of Seth

The essential message of Seth is very simple, yet breathtakingly deep at the same time. At a personal level, Seth’s primary message to us is powerful and direct:

1. You create your own reality.

Literally. Completely. We are in control of our lives. There are no accidents. We are not the victims of circumstances, nor are we subject to the whims of gods or demons or chance.

2. Your beliefs determine the reality you create

Your beliefs form reality. You form your experience. If you want to change your reality, change your beliefs about reality.

3. You get what you focus on.

4. There are no limitations to the self.

"The soul or entity is itself the most highly motivated, most highly energized, and most potent consciousness-unit known in any universe. It is energy concentrated to a degree quite unbelieveable to you. It contains potentials unlimited, but it must work out its own identity and form its own worlds." (Seth Speaks, p. 72)

5. We are immortal.

6. We are eternal.

7. Everything exists simultaneously in what Seth calls "The spacious present."

Time is basically an illusion created by our physical senses. What we think of as the past and future are happening right now.

8. The Point of Power is in the present.

9. God is more than a single supreme being. Seth prefers to refer to God as "All That Is."

10. Everyone and everything is part of All That Is.

11. We exist in a physical universe to learn how our thoughts and beliefs create reality.

Earthly experience is like playing in a sandbox. We are here to learn how to use this wonderful gift of creating our reality. "You have been given perhaps the most awesome gift of all: the ability to project your thoughts outward into physical form." (Seth Speaks, p. 6).

12. Thoughts, feelings and beliefs become physical reality.

"A thought is energy. It begins to produce itself physically at the moment of its conception." (The Seth Material, p. 121)

13. Nothing happens in the physical world without it first exisiting as a thought in the spiritual/psychological world.

14. You are responsible for your actions.

15. Killing is never justified.

"There is never any justification for violence. There is no justification for hatred. There is no justification for murder. Those who indulge in violence for whatever reason are themselves changed, and the purity of their purpose adulterated. (The Seth Material, p. 248)

16. All That Is continually grows and changes like a flower forever unfolding.

"All portions of All That Is are constantly changing, enfolding and unfolding. All That Is, seeking to know Itself, constantly creates new versions of Itself." (The Seth Material p. 244)

17. A state of perfection can not exist because existence could not change or grow; it would grind to a halt as no further development would be possible.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Arrival of Seth

Just how did Jane Roberts discover the spirit entity who called himself Seth?

In the fall of 1963, Jane was early in her career as a fiction writer, and had just had her first novel published. She and her artist husband Robert were living in a rented house in Elmira, New York. Jane was about to embark on a journey that would change their lives dramatically and will eventually change the course of the world as well.

The following is excerpted from one of her first and most important books: The Seth Material:

“To My knowledge I’d never had a psychic experience in my life, and I didn’t know anyone who had. Nothing in my background prepared me for the astonishing evening of September 9, 1963, yet it was this event, I’m sure, that initiated the sessions and my introduction to Seth.”

As she often did Jane sat down after supper to work on her poetry.

“What happened next was like a ‘trip’ without drugs. ... Between one normal minute and the next, a fantastic avalanche of radical, new ideas burst into my head with tremendous force, as if my skull were some sort of receiving station, turned up to an unbearable volume. ... I was tuned in, turned on—whatever you want to call it—connected to some incredible source of energy.”

“My body sat at the table, my hands furiously scribbling down the words and ideas that flashed through my head.”

“When I came to, I found myself scrawling what was obviously meant as the title of that odd batch of notes: The Physical Universe as Idea Construction. Later, the Seth Material would develop those ideas, but I didn’t know that at the time. In one of the early sessions, Seth said that this had been his first attempt to contact me.”

“Here are a few quotes from that manuscript.
‘We are individualized portions of energy, materialized within physical existence, to learn to form ideas from energy, and make them physical (this is idea construction). We project ideas into an object, so that we can deal with it. But the object is the thought, materialized. ... We learn by viewing our own creations, in other words. We learn the power and effects of ideas by changing them into physical realities; and we learn responsibility in the use of creative energy....’

‘The entity is the basic self, immortal, nonphysical. It communicates on an energy level with other entities, and has an almost inexhaustible supply of energy at its command. The individual is the portion of the whole self that we manage to express physically... .’ ”

Following that experience, Jane and Rob decided to try using a Ouija board borrowed from their landlady’s attic. It took three tries before the pointer began to move. The first messages were interesting but not dramatic. But then, on December 8, 1963, the playful personality of Seth began to reveal himself. Again, excerpts from The Seth Material:

“ ‘Do you have a message for us?’ Rob asked.”

“ ‘What do you think of your various reincarnations?’ ”

“ ‘Is all of this Jane’s subconscious talking?’ Rob asked.”

When asked what name he would like to be called, the Ouija board spelled out a cryptic response:
“ ‘But we still need a name some kind of name to use in talking to you,’ Rob said.”

Within a few sessions, Jane made a unnerving discovery. She began to hear the answers in her head before the pointer spelled them out on the board. The date was December 15, 1963:

“At the next session–our fourth with Seth—I heard the words in my head at a faster and faster rate, and not only sentences but whole paragraphs before they were spelled out.

“And without really knowing how or why, I opened up my mouth and let them (words) out. For the first time I began to speak of Seth continuing the sentences the board had spelled out only a moment before.”

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


It is quite likely that Jane Roberts (1929-1984) was the most important author of the 20th Century. As a mystic, a Speaker and a channeler for an entity who called himself Seth, Jane produced thousands of pages of some of the most profound spiritual and metaphysical teachings of this or any other era. Based on the core belief that each of us are eternal beings imbued with unlimited potential, the revelations of Jane/Seth transcend the earthly experience to awaken the human race to its true spiritual essence.

Jane Roberts was as important a prophet in the Biblical sense to today’s world as was Isaiah or any of the other prophets were in Judeo-Christian history. Her body of work in its volume, depth and originality is evidence of a profound connection to the spiritual realm of humanity. Above mere prophecy, Roberts is first and foremost a teacher. Again and again -- in book after book -- in mind-expanding detail she explains the inner workings of the physical and spiritual universe.

Largely unknown in her lifetime, Jane Roberts’ works will form the foundation of a spiritual transformation that will alter the course of the human race. Just as Jesus initiated a religious revolution that spread into every corner of western civilization and elevated mankind to a higher level of spiritual understanding, so too does Jane/Seth raise the collective consciousness even further to a higher plane of realization. It is simply the next step in our evolution as a species. It is a great awakening of the human race to the spark of divinity that resides in each of us. We will become aware of our core spiritual being. We are, as others have said, spiritual creatures having an earthly experience, not earthly creatures having a spiritual experience.